Troy Democratic Club

Name and Membership

This organization will be known as the Troy Democratic Club (Club). Its
membership will consist of all persons who (a) are residents of the City of
Troy, Michigan, or any adjacent city that does not have its own local
Democratic club, (b) are members of the Michigan Democratic Party, and (c)
declare themselves to be Democrats and believe in the fundamental
principles of the Democratic party.


The purposes of the Club are to (a) protect, maintain and
advance the interests of all Democrats; (b) promote understanding of the
Democratic Party; and (c) elect Democrats.

Open and Accessible Meetings

All public meetings of the Club
must be open to attendance by any member of the Democratic Party
regardless of actual or perceived race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin,
economic status, religion, ethnic identity, ancestry, marital status, sexual
orientation, physical appearance or disability.

2016-2018 Executives
Seymour Hundley, Jr., Esq.

Seymour Hundley, Jr., Esq.

Sharon MacDonell

Sharon MacDonell

Grover Easterling

Grover Easterling

Recording Secretary
Aaron Green

Aaron Green

Corresponding Secretary
Lucille Arking

Lucille Arking




There will not be a regular club meeting in April 2015. Officers will meet at Lucy’s house on 4/8/15. The 11th Democratic Congressional district will meet at 10:30am on the 18th of April at the Read more…

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